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Stay Vigilant

The current “self-isolation” period that everyone is going through, is difficult for many. If you are in recovery, especially if it is an early stage for you, this could be a very vulnerable time for you. Although there are still support networks out there, many people are saying that they miss the face to face connection.

Human beings are designed to socialize so don’t feel weak if you are struggling as you are in the company of many who feel like this. What this may bring up for you is the feeling of isolation like when you were using substances, especially as everyone knows that using is about disconnection and recovery is about connection.

Now it is time to draw on your internal resources. Hopefully some of the blogs that I will write over the next few weeks, you will find supportive. You also have the option of picking up the phone to have a conversation with me if you feel vulnerable.


 It is important that you are aware that your cravings are jumping for joy at the moment as they have been waiting for something like this to happen. It may feel like you have woken up a sleeping giant.  Remember, your cravings need a justification to sell the thought of using to you. What may spring to your mind are justifications, such as boredom, loneliness, fear, etc.  It’s important that you counteract these thoughts with a reality check. You have to forward your thinking and be clear about what the consequences of a relapse would be for you.  It is not the first time you have had these justifications, and it won’t be the last.

It’s important that you are assertive around these cravings. They are like a school yard bully. The more you run, the faster they chase you. Your cravings may be telling you that you can’t cope with what is going on around you without picking up. Deep down you know that this thinking does not fit in to where you know you want to get to now.

Your cravings are not stronger than you, they are thoughts that lurk in your mind, which means that you hold control over them. Make sure that you activate the control you possess.

Christopher Robin




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