Christmas Private Support Group

Private Support group over the Christmas Festive Period.


Resilience Recovery realises that the holiday season can be a challenging time of the year. Everyone seems to be out celebrating at this time of the year. It can be a time of loneliness and isolation. Maybe this year it could be different for you?


With this offer, it may be that you want to acquire this offer for yourself or a loved one.


So, with that in mind we’re offering four special festive season group work sessions.


We’ll be exploring how to deal with your cravings, exploring your triggers, and talking about the loss and grieving of your substance of choice. It will be a space where you can talk and listen to others, but also to make plans about what you are going to put into your recovery in 2020. It will allow you to not only get through this traumatic time, but to make resolutions on how you are going to engage in your recovery in 2002.


The groups will be educative and also experiential.


Groups run for three hours each with a 15 minute break.

There is an element of mindfulness, meditation and gentle yoga to compliment the substance use intervention element of the programme.


The groups will give you a range of tools and understanding to help you in your recovery.


This time of year is challenging for most people let alone those in recovery.


Our groups can really help you get through two of the hardest days in the calendar – Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.


You can book in for one or two sessions or all four. Only 15 places available for this.


This is one of those really useful gifts. Purchase for yourself or a friend.

At times you or a loved one may not be aware that you need this gift at this time of the year.


1 group – £70

4 groups – £250


To book a place contact the contact details below


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