The Truth Will Set You free

‘The first casualty of any war, is truth”

Drug wars-Neil Woods and Js Rafaeli

 In these difficult times, it is really difficult to separate the truth from fiction. Especially when it is possible to twist and distort the interpretation of what you have heard, and it can become uncomfortable when you are told something, and you really have to explore if the information is coming from a good place, is it a fact or is there some hidden agenda.

In essence, you have to ask yourself, how many versions of the truth are there.

At times we are told by the government that masks are safe and should be worn, other times we are told that this is not the case and that masks are ineffective.

Dominic Cummins just aired on live television the reasons why he chose to ignore the government guidelines in regard to covid 19. He explained his interpretation of it, although nobody else seems to have interpreted it in that way. Was he being dishonest, or did he really believe his version of the truth, if that is what it was?

Your watching an advert on the television. Do you truly believe everything you hear about how good the product is that they are trying to sell to you, or do you at times hear what you want to hear?

In the book “drug wars”, they talk about drug use in the perspective of the moralistic approach. It talks about the crime of possession of drugs. It is difficult to say that it is a crime as most crimes have a victim. In the case of possession there is no victim, and if you look on a charge sheet, it states clearly that the victim is the “crown”

 When you look at substance use in the context of recovery, how important is it that you always come from a place of truth. The truth has to start from the very beginning when the decision to either cut down or to stop is made. This decision is usually made because you have been honest enough to say that your substance use has become unmanageable, and it is having an effect on everything around you.

It is not unusual for a substance user to return to their using and believing that this is because they went into denial. Is it denial, or did they stop telling themselves the truth?

It can become easy to name something as denial but is it possible to be in denial when a plan is created in order not to tell yourself the truth. The biggest war in recovery is the internal war that you have yourself, and the more you stop telling yourself the truth, the more you leave the door open to make an interpretation that suits you.

The truth Will Set You Free

 Christopher Robin

May 26th 2020