Sincere Apologies

Hello Everyone

I have to send sincere apologies to everyone who has replied to my blogs on my website.

Yesterday, I realized that my word press on my site was not configured properly. Because of this, all the feedback that was being sent through to me, I did not receive.

I have now noticed that I have hundreds of pages of feedback and requests covering two and a half years.

I always welcome feedback to my site and the blogs, and always endeavor to be available to respond either by email, or phone. I believe that information should be shared, and I am always available to support if I can. That is the ethos of my company.

Unfortunately, because of the volume of messages I will not be able to reply to the past messages. But I assure you that any feedback I receive from now on I will respect it and respond within 24 hours.

I would also suggest that you will get a quicker response if you email me or phone me on the contact details below.

Again, sincere apologies and hope to hear from you in the future.

Kind Regards

Christopher Robin

Founder/Managing Director

Tel: 0208 2443960 / 07515 663621