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A Tale Of Two Moralities: Politicians, doctors, use of addictive substances and lobbying. After reading this article, it has made me question the ethics in regard to decisions, and policies that are made by politicians. As we all know any substance has the capacity to dull or cloud your judgment. Because of this, there is usually a rule that states you should not be under the influence […]

The “ON CONCEPT” Substance use intervention

The “ON CONCEPT” Substance use intervention I devised this concept many years ago to support service users in addressing their relationship with substances. Hope this is of use. ADDICTION. When a drug user becomes a slave to their poison. When a drug user chooses to make their willpower unemployed. CONTRADICTION. When a drug user keeps […]

Substance Use – Deception Versus Perception

Substance Use, Perception versus Deception Whilst talking about the use of substances, interventions seem to be based on the client’s perception. Let us explore perception and deception. The definition of perception is, “the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.” (Oxford University Press, 2018) The definition of deception is, “the action of deceiving […]